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Hanging Cleanse Sage Bowls

Hanging Cleanse Sage Bowls

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Our stunning hanging sage bowls are the perfect addition to your home! 

If you are a lover of sage cleansing, you will fall in love with this one of a kind piece!


How to use:

Put a bit of sage into your bowl & burn. Wait until the sage has completely burned with no flame and is now in its smoking stage.

Place the bowl in your hanging macrame and cleanse yourself & your home.

Once you have cleansed the rooms of your home hang your sage bowl in your home until the smoke has stopped. Dispose burned sage and wash your bowl. 

It's the ULTIMATE cleanse! 

What's Included: 

- Hanging Macramé 

- White Californian Sage Stick (12CM)

- Glass Evil Eye Amulet 

- White Ceramic Bowl


Mantras For Smudging : 

1. Cleanse my home of any heaviness and negativity. 

2. I live in harmony of mind, body & spirit. 

3. I am grateful for my & my family's health , abundance & happiness. 

4. I release all energies that do not serve me. 

5. I release any worry from my body or my home. 

6. I am filled with love, light & peace. 

7. I choose joy. Only bring joy into my home. 

8. I call all of my power back to me. 

9. I call in protection from negative energy. 



Important Smudging Tips: 

1. Smudge yourself before you smudge your space.

2. Be intentional about your smudging direction.

3. Smudge your sacred place/meditation space last.

4. Once you finish cleansing open all your doors and windows for the energy to release.






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