Our Story

Wicker and flame were founded in April, 2020. 

How did we start? A love for beautiful powerful scents, a joy for handmade crafts & a desire to provide a wonderful experience is what started our Melbourne based company.

​.....and yes OKAY we admit, we're totally scent obsessed!

Making the "average candle" wasn't really satisfying enough. We wanted something different, we wanted something that was positive and something that would benefit our customers.

 Then the idea hit!

We wanted to protect.

The iconic charm of the evil eye was perfect! I have been buying and protecting myself with this mesmerizing & strong powerful symbol for years!

 A candle infused with an evil eye for protection! 

 A passion and urge sparked to provide high quality luxury products to the world & a dream to fill peoples homes with powerful lasting scents while it protects you, your home, your work place. 

And as we started working on our first collection - wicker and flame was born! 

We hope you love & enjoy our products as much as we do!

Welcome to the Wicker and flame world x